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Don't suffer in silence with Dry Eye or Blepharitis

The majority of our clients  are self funding individuals, often tired of the symptoms and complications from dry eye. For many dry eye sufferers they were unaware that treatment was available other than the eyedrops they had used for many years.

Eyedrops may ease the symptoms of dry eye in the very short-term however they do not treat the root cause of the issue. Here at Eyedro, our sole focus is to help provide our patients with long-term solutions to dry eye problems.

All our appointments are from our friendly, clean and comfortable studio located at Rowan House Hethersett, just on the edge of Norwich it is within easy reach and has lots of free parking for our clients.

Whether you know the cause of your dry eye issues or if until now you were not aware that treatment was available, we can assess your eyes and then put together a simple program to help keep your eyes in the best possible condition.

If you find yourself staring at screens for long periods of time, you could be drying your eyes out

Can my optician not help?

The simple answer is despite having skills and knowledge, it’s difficult to own the specialist equipment, as well as all the other equipment a practice requires. A nice way to describe how our optometrist led dry eye clinic works is to consider us the specialist hygienist who cleans your teeth whereas the dentist checks your teeth. 


To keep your eyes as healthy as can be, contact us today for an initial assessment.


What does Eyedrotherapy entail?

You will be looked after throughout by an experienced and qualified optometrist who specialises in dry eyes.

The treatment is tailored to each and every individuals needs and may include:

  • MiBo Thermoflo Heat Treatment (read more here)
  • Antiviral and Antibacterial Eyelid Cleanser 
  • Lubricating Eyedrops
  • Aftercare drops 

If you find yourself staring at screens for long periods of time, you could be drying your eyes out?

Wellseeing is essential to Wellbeing

A totally confidential session with our specialist has been proven to aid screen users whose eyes have become increasingly tired and strained.

A session with our specialist leads to:

– Healthier eyes

– Healthier vision

– Increased alertness

and can significantly improve;

– Focus and concentration

For private individuals all our care is given in the privacy of our Rowan House studio. 

Re-fresh your eyes with Eyedrotherapy. Call 01603 339079 to book.

Discounts available for refer a friend, ask us for more details

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Appointments available Monday -Sunday. Please Contact us to arrange your treatment.


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