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Our clinic offers new state-of-the-art treatments to relieve dry eye syndrome

A vision for better treatment

Eyedro Dry Eye Spa is the first of its kind, run by fully qualified optometrists with a special interest in dry eye disease. Having worked in a variety of practices for the last eight years they have now decided to approach the treatment of dry eye from a different perspective.



Regular cleaning for better eye health

We provide periodic cleaning using an instrument called LidPro. Regular cleaning of your eyelids and lashes is necessary to promote good eye health and avoid eye conditions like Anterior Blepharitis.

Mibo Thermoflo™

Unclog glands to help prevent conditions

Continuous controlled heat using ultrasound gel, helping to unclog glands by softening the hardened oils. Important for the protection of the eye and can help prevent eye conditions such as Posterior Blepharitis.

"For somebody who thought they had no problems I was amazed at how comfortable and refreshed my eyes felt and still feel. I am now able to wear my contact lenses far longer than previously without my eyes going dry and gritty, something I hadn't done in a while..."

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Treatments from:

£95 per session

Enjoy 20% discount

When you join the Eyedro Club Plan and spread the costs out over the year! Bi-annual appointments at less than £1/day

It is believed approx. 86% of dry eye sufferers have MGD.

Many people are unaware that dry eye is a chronic condition, and that there are different types of dry eye. Maintenance is key in keeping symptoms at bay, and popping in the odd eye drop is sometimes not enough.

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Appointments available Monday -Sunday. Please contact us to arrange your treatment.

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