Visual Information Processing Paradigms

Sports scientists have come up with multiple models of how visual input interacts with mental processes to produce muscular movement. These models are known as Visual Information Processing Paradigms. Let’s take a closer look at three of them.

Two Dimensional Models 

Sensory information (what we see, hear and feel) is the input in this classical paradigm by  Welford and Whiting. After this information has passed through a few linear mental processes, the output is muscular movement (kicking the ball, blocking the punch, operating the controls of the racing car).

This pyramid model by Kirschen and Laby is also two dimensional, but shows a structural relationship between the various processes. The upper tiers of the pyramid rely on the correct functioning of the lower tiers in order for stability. Remove  a tier or reduce its capability and the structure loses its integrity. The very bottom tier on which the whole edifice rests is Visual Acuity Contrast Sensitivity – the better your eyesight, the better your sports performance. 
Venn diagram showing overlap of vision, neuro and psychological sciences
Three Dimensional Neurological Model 

In an article for the journal Vision Development and Rehabilitation (Vol 4, Issue 2, June 2018) Dr Daniel Laby outlined a paradigm of visual information processing that takes into account modern theories of neurological processing. This “three-dimensional” model incorporates feedback systems modelled on AI neural networks, but the system still hinges on visual acuity. Dr Laby notes: 

“...subjects with dry eyes often experience blurred or reduced vision, but a clinically dry eye is not required to produce a detrimental effect on the vision of an athlete. Even a nominally dry, or irregular, ocular surface can create optical aberrations which can affect visual ability – especially in athletes whose visual systems have been described to be far superior to that of the average non-athlete.”

Vision Development and Rehabilitation (Vol 4, Issue 2, June 2018)
At the Dry Eye Spa, we can help make sure that the input for the visual system, however it is modelled, is optimised to improve eyesight and ensure that the resulting decision making systems are not relying on sub-optimal inputs for their calculations. 
Improved vision will lead to better results in your sporting performance.

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