Eyedrotherapy for Screen Users

Did you know?

The average adult will spend 34 years of their lives staring at screens.

Most businesses value and appreciate the importance of wellbeing of their staff and ergonomic chairs, standing desks and even beanbags are becoming more common in the work place.

But how often do you hear people in the office mention blurry vision, headaches and dry eyes?

How familiar an image is this in your office? Periodic Eyedrotherapy could help your staff increase their focus and productivity.

Staring at a computer screen all day takes its toll on our eyes; they were not designed for artificial light sources.

It’s a fact that tired eyes lead directly to reduced cognitive cerebral activity. You can read more about some of the symptoms including Digital Eyestrain and Computer Vision Syndrome on our blog. 

So give both your eyes and your brain a boost and book your eye rejuvenation therapy today.


What does Eyedrotherapy entail?

You will be looked after throughout by an experienced and qualified optometrist who specialises in dry eyes.

The treatment is tailored to each and every individuals needs and may include:

  • MiBo Thermoflo Heat Treatment (read more here)
  • Antiviral and Antibacterial Eyelid Cleanser 
  • Lubricating Eyedrops
  • Aftercare drops 

See the difference...

When you can’t see the next line on an eye test it does not always mean that your eyesight has deteriorated. For many who have been suffering from early signs of dry eye, this might be the first time that you notice that your vision is suffering. With the right periodic treatment you could well be seeing the next line without blurriness very soon.

You can find out more about dry eye here.

How familiar an image is this in your office? Periodic Eyedrotherapy could help your staff increase their focus and productivity.

Wellseeing is essential to Wellbeing

A totally confidential session with our qualified optometrist  has been proven to aid screen users whose eyes have become increasingly tired and strained.

 A session with our specialist leads to:

– Healthier eyes

– Healthier vision

– Increased alertness

and can significantly improve;

– Focus and concentration

For private individuals we will see them in the privacy of our studio, however for corporate or team bookings we can travel to you and set up at a convenient location within your premises.

Look after yours teams eyes with Eyedrotherapy. Call 01603 339079 today to discuss your requirements.

Discounts available for 5+ people

Introductory offer up to 50% off Gold Treatment

From £62.50 per person

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Appointments available Monday -Sunday. Please Contact us to arrange your treatment.

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