Frequently asked questions about our dry eye treatments. If you have any questions that aren’t listed below, please feel free to get in touch with us on 01603 339079 or email eyedro@dryeyespa.club

In our opinion, no. Most people have been advised this by ophthalmologists and optometrists in the past, and continue to be. Most baby shampoos contain chemicals designed to clean, and to remove oils (great for hair, not so great for eyes). It can therefore strip the oil away from the tear film, probably aggravating your dry eye symptoms and can cause allergic reactions. A hot flannel will lose heat after a few seconds, and so providing your glands with the required consistent level of heat becomes an unrealistic prospect.

Eyedro can certainly help alleviate the following:

  • Stinging or burning
  • Sandy/gritty/foreign body feeling
  • Fluctuating vision
  • Contact lens discomfort/intolerance
  • Difficulty while reading or using devices
  • Eye fatigue whilst frequently using a VDU/DSE
    Watering eyes

Our treatments are completely safe and performed by fully qualified medical professionals with many years experience in optical health.

Our treatments don’t hurt or cause any pain. The Mibo Thermoflo is a relaxing lid massage that is done over the closed eye. The LidPro can be slightly ticklish but is gentle whilst still being a good exfoliator. We will always ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment. Both treatments are non-invasive and totally safe, with no known side effects. 

There are videos on our treatment page which you can see cause no pain or discomfort to the patients. Watch here: www.dryeyespa.club/treatments

No, we ask that you remove any contact lenses prior to treatment. It is recommended that you leave your lenses out for at least 30 minutes after your appointment. Please bring a pair of glasses with you to wear following your treatment.

No. We advise that you come in without any make up on or around your eyes. 

Each appointment will last up to 60 minutes. We expect results shortly after each visit. It is important to maintain results with Eyedro by adhering to their clinical recalls – join the Eyedro Club for monthly payments over each year.

We advise that you wait at least 3 months after having had any eye surgery/procedures/permanent eye make up before coming in for MiBo Thermoflo and/or LidPro treatment. It is not advisable to have these treatments if you have had any eyelash extensions, eyelash perms or tints.

This is something we can give you an idea of when you come in for your first appointment. We will then see you periodically based on the severity of your condition, we tend to see patients bi- annual or tri- annual or adhoc.

The EYEDRO Club Plan is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes and receiving both regular appointments and great value. The EYEDRO Club Plan takes care of all our members and each plan includes bespoke treatments designed to improve your eyes.

  • Dry Eye Examinations and treatment twice a year based on our six-monthly recall recommendation
  • You will benefit from 20% off the treatments you receive
  • Discounted family membership

Yes! If you would like to book appointments for your sports team, employees or department we can offer a discount on group bookings.

Yes! We offer mobile services for group bookings, particularly suited to sports teams and clubs, and corporate settings for offices and executives.

We encourage to treat the signs of MGD at the earliest when symptoms have not come on. However, if Chronic MGD is left untreated; irreversible gland loss will occur for the majority. Although, we cannot bring the lost glands back to life; we would treat the remaining glands to give them a fighting chance not to end up like the lost glands. We want to emphasise that if the majority of the glands are lost; it would be wise to not expect a miraculous cure.

Please be aware this is a dry eye treatment service only. We do not perform sight testing of any sort. If you have any undiagnosed or acute eye problems (in particular suspected eye conditions) we advise that you contact your usual opticians or GP to resolve before having any treatment with us.

There is plenty of free parking for our clients, right on the door step at Rowan House.

Treatments from:

£95 per session

Enjoy 20% discount

When you join the Eyedro Club Plan and spread the costs out over the year! Bi-annual appointments at less than £1/day

It is believed approx. 86% of dry eye sufferers have MGD.

Many people are unaware that dry eye is a chronic condition, and that there are different types of dry eye. Maintenance is key in keeping symptoms at bay, and popping in the odd eye drop is sometimes not enough.

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Appointments available Monday -Sunday. Please Contact us to arrange your treatment.

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