A revolutionary pH-balanced cleanser and antimicrobial

Purifeyes is a revolutionary pH-balanced cleanser and antimicrobial that represents a step-change in periocular hygiene. It has been developed in conjunction with and endorsed by leading ophthalmologists.

Purifeyes is very different from traditional ophthalmic and periocular cleansers which can be toxic to the ocular surface. By using an oxidising method of action, Purifeyes causes no harm to human skin, eyelashes or the eye surface, even with extensive use. Purifeyes provides rapid, broad spectrum cleansing and antimicrobial cleaning of eyelashes and eyelid organisms responsible for inflammation, blocked pores, dry eyes, and post intervention complications.

For frequent daily and long-term use both by professionals and patients. Safe and easy to use at home and on the go, for all age groups and compatible with contact lens wear, enabling optimal levels of periocular hygiene both following a procedure to aid recovery, and as part of a daily regime.

Purifeyes is recommended by ophthalmologists and clinicians to provide professional levels of eyelid and periocular hygiene, reduce microbial overgrowth, inflammation and long term dry eye symptoms.

  • Cleanses, Refreshes, Soothes, and Hydrates
  • Provides antimicrobial protection without risk of microbial resistance
  • Cares for the delicate periocular skin, eyelids, eyelashes & eyebrows
  • For normal and sensitive eyes
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Compatible with all contact lenses

Order yours online today by contacting Eyedro 01603 339079 or eyedro@dryeyespa.club if you have any questions one of our team will be happy to assist.


Purifeyes is easy to apply and can be sprayed directly onto the eye and surrounding area, or onto a cotton pad or gauze for periocular and eyelid hygeine. Use three times a day or as required, spray at approx 30cms distance and then close eyes for 20 seconds. 


Water (aqua), Sodium Hypochlorite, Phosphoric Acid, Producing a high purity Hypochlorous Solution.

3 month shelf life, once opened.

£12.00 includes free postage to anywhere in the UK, for overseas orders please contact us to discuss. 
To order please either call us on 01603 339079 or fill out the form below.

Why do we need periocular cleanser?

Whilst traditional cleansers provide effective cleaning they come with significant draw backs for the delicate periocular area and eyes:

  • Isopropyl alcohol can cause severe ocular burns and is flammable

  • Povidone iodine stings and can stain the ocular surface, lashes, contact lenses and clothes,
    and should be avoided in pregnancy

  • Chlorhexidine stings, is toxic to the cornea, and is associated with increasing allergy & anaphylaxis

  • Chlorhexidine and alcohol are also subject to antimicrobial resistance

The next generation in ocular & periocular cleansing for eye health & protection, and periocular surgical & non-surgical treatments. 

Treatment Options?

We have a range of treatments available, if you are unsure what would be most suitable for yourself, please feel free to contact one of our eye specialists who would be happy to discuss the best options for your situation.

Individual One-off Treatments

Purifeyes – £12.00
includes free postage and package

Silver – £95
LidPro helping treat Anterior Blepharitis and killing off infestation of Demodex Mites

Gold – £125
MiBoThermoFlo helping treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction / Posterior Blepharitis (Dry Eye Disease)

Platinum – £180
LidPro and MiboThermoFlo with all treatments and Full Eye Spa experience (Full Package)

Become part of the Eyedro Club annual scheme

Platinum 2, £24 per month

2 Appointments per year 

Platinum 2 Plus, £26.80 per month

2 Appointments per year  includes Purifeyes

Platinum 3, £36 per month

3 Appointments per year

Platinum 3 Plus, £38.80 per month

3 Appointments per year  includes Purifeyes

Platinum 4,  £48 per month

4 Appointments per year 

Platinum 4 Plus, £50.80 per month

4 Appointments per year  includes Purifeyes

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